myCourses is an online system that helps students keep up with their education. It's a tool that allows students to keep up with their course activities, homework, and due dates.

The purpose of this project is to improve student engagement and information accessibility to facilitate a better online learning experience.

Current Experience

The current myCourses is unorganized and does not provide the best online experience for keeping students up to date on assignments. 

User Research

I began my project by conducting surveys with the primary users of myCourses - current students.

survey 01
survey 02

What is the most frustrating feature?

"Having to press submit after uploading" 
“The PDF viewer”
"The top menu shows ALL classes instead of the current classes"

What is the most helpful feature?

“Toolbar links”
“Being able to check assignments”
“Upcoming events”


After evaluating the survey results and the current experience, I came up with several goals for my redesign.


01. Give a quick overview of updates for each course.

02. Make it easier to find a specific course.

03. Put more emphasis on due dates, upcoming events, and reminders

04. Improve the process of submitting assignments via dropbox.

Information Architecture


User Workflow

homepage mockup
course page mockup


myCourses can be improved by directly displaying more course information to the students in an organized structure. This will enhance the online learning experience and allow students to achieve their academic goals.

Course Assets

Course Cards

Courses are color coded for easy recognition. Users get a quick overview of each course -- open dropboxes, uploaded assignments, and feedback from the professor.

calendar asset


Day by day reminders on the left. The color corresponds to the course. On the right, there is a full calendar view of the month with notes on days where there are tasks.


Submitting to Dropboxes

A cleaner and more consolidated layout that allows students to quickly upload their work. This ensures that the user does not upload to the wrong dropbox and the comment section allows students to communicate with professors.