Adobe Creative Jam

Adobe's Creative Jam is an event where there is a design competition based around a theme and talks by local creative professionals. The Seattle Creative Jam was centered around UX design, so I partnered with fellow Amazon intern, Abbey Lee, for the design competition. The theme was metamorphosis and we had 3 hours to complete our work using Adobe XD.


Transforming the state of mind.

We weren't given any prompts other than the word metamorphosis. We thought about transformations and focused on anxiety and depression. We wanted to create an experience to help relieve anxiety attacks and transform the state of mind.

We all experience stress in our everyday lives, whether it be from school, work, or other factors. Sometimes the stress turns into an anxiety attack. Doctors can be expensive and inaccessible. Most people don't seek professional help because they feel that they don't need it, but sometimes it's nice to have someone to talk to.

Talking it out

Conversation is so important. Some people like to talk things out. We wanted provide users with someone to talk to at all times, because you never know when anxiety strikes and your friends and family might be busy. The chat mode allows the user to talk to a bot or a person. We focused on the bot mode because bots are less intimidating to talk to. They are safe, objective, and out of the picture. There might be too much pressure to talk to a real person.

We also wanted to have the bot ask the user how they were feeling before the conversation starts and again at the end. The "I'm okay" button was important to us because we wanted users to actually think about the state of their mind and to say it to themselves when they feel that they're done.

chat finish@2x
CreativeJam – Blank Journal

Writing and Drawing

When users don't feel like talking to someone, there is a journal mode that allows them to either write it out or draw it out. This allows for reflection. A pin would also be required to view previous journal entries.


The history section is password protected to ensure privacy. After unlocking it with a passcode, users can see their progress over time. Progress is measured in two ways -- the duration of the conversation and the levels of anxiety that the user inputs.

We also included an emergency contact to make sure there is a quick way to get help if needed.


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