From over hundreds of daily premium sports highlights, The Reel delivers carefully curated content to match the personal tastes of each user. The Reel offers short snippets of the latest games, ensuring that fans get the best quality content that fits their preferences.



Sports content is often flooded on many sites and platforms, making it difficult for fans to sift through the videos and discover new content. Although users have unlimited access to videos, there isn't a way for them to only see the content that they would be interested in.



In order to deliver personalized content, we need to learn the users preferences.

01. Onboarding Personalization Quiz
During onboarding, users are prompted with a quick quiz that asks them to select their favorite leagues/teams. The more granular the data, the better the feed.

02. "Liking" Content
The heart icon acts as a positive signal. When users like a certain video, they will be shown more similar content in their feed. This allows for personalization post-onboarding.

03. Curation Through Other Users
Users can create playlists known as "channels." Each user has a public profile where they can show  off their channels. This allows users to curate content on their own. Fans know good content and we can leverage that and allow users to follow each other. 


Competitive Analysis

I looked at other video streaming platforms for inspiration. ESPN offers an infinite amount of videos, but doesn't do a great job for delivering personal and curated content. YouTube allows for continuous discovery and keeps users hooked by always helping users find new videos. Netflix does a great job of organizing and personalizing content.

Use Case

use case



comps welcome

Sign Up

After signing up, users are prompted with a splash screen that gives them information about the purpose of the onboarding.

comps onboard

Onboarding Experience

Users are asked to select their favorites from several categories. This customization allows The Reel to provide a daily feed of curated content for each user.

comps home


After the quiz is completed, users are brought to the homepage which is their own daily feed. Each video thumbnail has key information such as the score/outcome of the game and the league.

Watch and Save

Users can save videos to their own custom channels, which other users from the community can then subscribe to. 

comps watch save
comps profile


The user profile shows statistics about followers and following, and shows the all the channels that the user has created.



The Reel is an unprecedented, innovative subscription service that provides the hundreds of the latest sports highlights and curated content.